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Sensitive Care al Trauma

Thetrauma sensitive care (CST) is a framework focused on addressing the impact of traumatic experiences on individuals and communities, so that in this way, the interventions offered contribute_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_to healing of them and avoid re-traumatization.

CST contains  notions about the impact that potentially traumatic experiences have on individuals and groups, so that whoever approaches work with vulnerable communities understands that the ways of proceeding aimed at individual and collective reparation require sensitive positions regarding the experiences and memories installed.


This approach includes:

  • The understanding about the effects of trauma and violence on the neurological, biological, psychological and social levels. 

  • The identification of the manifestations of trauma in therapeutic and/or psychosocial work.

  • The recognition of individual and group resources that reflect the capacity of resilience of human beings.

  • The emphasis on safety, connection and physical, psychological and emotional regulation, both for survivors and de suppliers.

  • Creating opportunities to foster a sense of control and empowerment.

  • The training of professionals in alternatives for management appropriate trauma.

  • The integration of this knowledge into the procedures, policies and practices of the organization.


The CST can be integrated to any type of service, setting, intervention or organization, even those whose focus is not directly trauma care (educational, medical, psychosocial, etc. .)

Water Droplets

We offer training processes in CST, with an essential understanding of:

  • el impacto of violence at the neurological, psycho-physical and social levels

  • psychological and collective trauma

  • resilience 

  • Basic tools for trauma recovery and resilience building.


Addressed to:  

personal of medical, social, educational, therapeutic care and psychosocial.


contact usto receive advice, training and/or development of CST proposals to be integrated into your educational, therapeutic, psychosocial projects u organizacionales

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