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Consulting group 

The consultancy is a powerful space for learning and professional growth, aimed at therapists interested in broadening their clinical perspective in order to:

  • incorporate the somatic perspective into your clinical practice

  • deepen the approaches to work with traumatic wounds and the bond

  • take a look at the person of the therapist as the primordial axis of the process

  • consider aspects related to inter-generational and collective trauma

  • identify and develop resources, tools and skills to support processes of co-regulation and self-regulation

  • exploring the relational field in psychotherapy

  • cultivating strategies for online psychotherapeutic work

  • safely work on counter-transference aspects.


1 time a month

Wednesday de 8:30-10:30am (Colombian time)

Next dates in 2023:





MAY 10







Rock Maze


ciclo de Super-visión grupal


In each session there will be time to study a case or topic in detail, and answer some questions about l@s participants.

Each meeting seeks that the therapists can broaden clinical perspective, receive feedback and suggestions for intervention, develop new therapeutic and relational skills, and process any personal or counter-transference material that may be on the move.

The cases and themes raised can be explored from the therapist's live experience, pointing out the related theoretical aspects and taking into account the process and group resonance.


The primary perspective of this space is based on somatic psychology, in thatespecially in the Hakomi method, approaches to trauma integration, such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Thomas Húbl's Collective Trauma Integration process, as well as new attachment theories and Polyvagal theory..


Este ciclo de Super-visión tiene 6 sesiones distribuidas a lo largo de 3 meses, con encuentros 2 veces al mes  


Durante este tiempo l@s estudiantes participarán en un espacio grupal de 2 horas, en el que se busca apoyar a cada terapeuta en el desarrollo y fortalecimiento de sus habilidades particulares, en ampliar la perspectiva de casos bajo la visión especial de la psicoterapia somática y la trauma terapia, y en la profundización de temas que surjan a lo largo del proceso.


En cualquier momento puede iniciarse los procesos de super-visión individual y/o grupal.  

Los casos y temáticas planteados podrán ser explorados desde la experiencia en vivo del/la terapeuta, señalando los aspectos teóricos relacionados y teniendo en cuenta el proceso y resonancia somática y grupal.  Aspectos transgeneracionales y colectivos también serán explorados.

En algunas sesiones será posible hacer trabajo "en vivo" y recibir retroalimentación al respecto para el desarrollo de las habilidades particulares de cada terapeuta.  Para esto l@s estudiantes hacen mini-sesiones con sus compañer@s, o, la facilitadora trabaja con alguno de los estudiantes e ilustra el trabajo en vivo.

* Es importante tener en cuenta que el énfasis de la super-visión clínica es pedagógico mas no terapéutico. 

Drops of Water


Gabriela Martinez, M.A.

Psychologist from the Universidad de los Andes. Specialist in Planning and Administration of Regional Development.  

Master's Degree in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies - CIIS (San Francisco, USA).

Training in the Hakomi method of mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy.

Specialist in integrative processes of trauma. 

Psychotherapist for adults, couples, families and groups.

Active member of the  team of the Pocket Project. as co-facilitator of the Intergenerational and Collective Trauma Exploration Laboratories in Colombia, Mexico and Latin America.

Clinical and community experience of more than 20 years.  

Co-Creator Corasoma.

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To pre-register please fill out the following formthis link


Limited availability.

Once you receive a response on availability of space for you, you can proceed to cancel the value of the complete cycle in:

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No. 661-44837593

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