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What do we do?


Our actions go through 4 fundamental axes, interconnected with each other:

therapeutic, educational, social and ecological.

Holding Hands

therapeutic axis

  • We offer therapeutic accompaniment, retreats and immersions, specialized in processes of integration of trauma, illness, grief, family aspects, trans-generational and/or personal development with individuals, families, groups and communities.

  • We create spaces for transformation through practices and interventions  based on evidence.

educational axis

  • We develop specialized training processes in Somatic Psychology or focused on the body and in the integration of trauma, aimed at psychologists, psychotherapists, body-mind therapists and therapists in training.

  • We offer training and advice in trauma sensitive care (CST), for social organizations, companies, non-profit entities and specific groups.


social axis

  • We promote initiatives that contribute to the integration of collective and trans-generational trauma, to the reconstruction of the social fabric, the construction of peace, reconciliation, the reduction of poverty, the search for social equality and the improvement of the quality of life. of the populations.

  • We generate activities and meeting spaces aimed at rescuing ancestral knowledge and traditions, recovering and healing historical memory.

ecological axis

  • We welcome in our territory permaculture and ecological practices that promote the care of life, the use of our own resources and the regeneration of the ecosystem.

  • We contribute to the creation of alternatives to reduce the fragmentation between human beings and the environment.

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