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What is Somatic Psychotherapy?

In addition to the verbal interventions traditionally used in psychotherapy, la somatic psychotherapyintegrates the body-mind unit through observation and exploration of non-verbal language, and the use of therapeutic interventions such as body self-awareness, movement, breathing, vibration and touch, which allow access and integration implicit memory, stored in the body.


Through the therapeutic process, the therapist observes and integrates non-verbal language to create awareness of the internal organization of the individual, and likewise offers experiences, guides and practical tools for the transformation of traces of conflict, pain or trauma. .

Benefits of Somatic Psychotherapy
  • It cultivates self-awareness, encourages the free flow of energy, and promotes well-being.


  • Supports highly transformative processes through comprehensive work with the physical, emotional, cognitive aspects, relate them y spiritual of the individual.


  • Encourages the observation, exploration and processing of emotions and sensations that emerge from moment to moment.


  • It allows working with non-verbal aspects of the experience, as well as with pre-verbal states, typical of early stages of development or trauma situations.


  • Draw a physical map to work with the subjective emotional conflict, so that it can be observed and integrated.


  • It nourishes the body-mind reciprocity and values our psycho-physical nature.


  • It offers fundamental tools in the processes of resolving psychological trauma.


  • Recognize the existing healing potential in each being.

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