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Trauma Comprehensive Therapy

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How to accompany the healing of traumatic and bond wounds 

During the last decades, a deep understanding of traumatization processes has been achieved, inviting ambroaden the  therapeutic perspective to involve not only the cognitive and emotional level, but also the somatic, spiritual and relational level.  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5


This training includes elements of some of these approaches, which  lead the field of study and treatment of trauma, such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Somatic Experience, EMDR, Polyvagal Theory, and the Integration method Thomas Hübl's Collective Trauma.

The training is designed in 2 levels, as follows:


TheBasic level is an online training of28 hours of live online class, through which the basic aspects of trauma theory and treatment are offered.  The course seeks to make the information easy to assimilate for all those who work directly with trauma and need to broaden their understanding of the subject, as well as acquiring practical and safe tools to address it in the therapeutic, psychosocial and/or social services context.  ​


  • Offer a conceptual framework that allows understanding the neurophysiological and relational mechanisms that underlie trauma, traumatic stress and PTSD.

  • Facilitate the development of therapeutic skills to recognize traumatic wounds and the bond, and appropriately accompany processes of individual and psychosocial transformation.

  • Contribute to healing the wounds of intergenerational and collective trauma in Colombia.


Aimed at mental health professionals, therapists and people interested in understanding and treating psychotrauma from a comprehensive perspective. 

The training is appropriate for all professionals who work in the psychosocial area and wish to deepen their understanding of traumatization processes and how to address them comprehensively and effectively, or for professionals in physical disciplines such as yoga, dance, massage, performing arts, and others who wish to sensitize and adapt their work towards people with a history of trauma.


 100% virtual 

During this time, students will receive a weekly live session via Zoom, lasting 2 hours in which theThe theoretical and practical foundations of the corresponding study material for that week.  There will be space here to ask questions and develop short practical exercises.

Additionally, students will have access to readings, videos, and other materials for self-study.  A minimum dedication time of approximately 6 hours per week is calculated for this purpose


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