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Collective Trauma

Since 2017 we have been investigating collective trauma in Colombia, through experiential, ancestral and contemporary methods, including Theory U, family constellations, and the International Laboratories of thePocket Projectthat explored the relationship between colonialism and trans-generational and collective trauma in Colombia, Mexico and Latin America.

Over time, this inquiry has taken as its central base the collective movement of the bio-region that welcomes us: Barichara, Guane territory.

Our heart fire, at the Corasoma farm, has been the connection center to deepen this inquiry using collective methods and practices to reconnect with ourselves, with others and with Mother Earth.


"The new land appeared suddenly

in the midst of pain 

of the harassment of hunger 

of the dispossession. 

Of bursts of fire between the songs

amid corpses 

of friends and foes


We glimpse your image

after tortuous paths


It was necessary to jump the wire fences of speeches armed by hate

uproot fears

and disarm the traps

the designs and boundaries drawn

for the old words


It was necessary to erase the labels

of old and foolish codes

and transgress the limits 


to get to her

It was necessary to let go in the void

and illuminate the shadow"

Cecilia Balcazar


Participant Labs Collective Trauma in Colombia  2020 and 2021

All Hands In
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