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Corasoma House

an ideal space to heal and rest

Casa Corasoma is a family home that hosts therapeutic processes and immersions for our clients, training spaces for therapists, and a meeting point for like-minded people aligned with our purpose of individual, social, and ecological transformation.


At Casa Corasoma you can find:

  • Individual, couple and family therapeutic accompaniment

  • group processes

  • Training and supervision spaces for therapists

  • A place to meet the articulation of local actors that support transformation processes from the territory

  • Mind-body practices and therapies

  • Yoga


about the house

Casa Corasoma is an ideal space to rest or work in the common areas since it has comfortable, cool, quiet and open areas.


The house is located 4 blocks from the main park, in a very quiet area overlooking the "most beautiful town in Colombia".  This is divided into three main spaces:_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ entrance patio, backyard and mezzanine.

The entrance patio of the house is an open design that contains the common spaces, living room, dining room, patio with a hammock and equipped kitchen, as well as the family rooms.

In the backyard you will find a large terrace, with a garden full of life and trees that are part of the green belt of Barichara.  There you will find two rooms for receiving our visitors.

Upstairs, the mezzanine is a very cozy space used as a therapeutic space, it can be used to watch the sunset, do yoga, meditate or enjoy with family or friends.  Complemented with props and cushions.

The spacious and bright space surrounded by gardens constitutes an ideal family environment for resting and exploring Barichara.

It has WiFi, ideal for remote work if necessary. 

For access to therapeutic processes and/or yoga classes – ask us for more information when making your reservation.

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