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Un espacio grupal para aprender vivencialmente y para contribuir a sanar y transformar the points of pain, conflict or trauma in relation to ourselves, others and nature.

using mindfulness, body wisdom and group resonance

What can you expect from the live study group?

  • Generate opportunities to repair the relationship system through individual and group practices and experiences 

  • Offer individual and group opportunities to connect and tune in with oneself and with others.

  • Re-connect with sensations of enjoyment, calm, confidence, integration and gratitude.

  • Facilitate the creation of new memories, through interaction experiences, which favor the integration process.

  • Contribute to develop somatic resources for the regulation of the nervous system and social interaction. 

  • Offer a space for exploration and healing of the impact of experiences on the bodily, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and relational levels.

  • Create awareness of one's own anatomy and psycho-physical organization, and how this affects emotions, thoughts and actions.  

  • Help identify and process bodily and action impulses that have been cut short by traumatic experiences.

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