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Bioenergetic Therapeutic Contact


This practice takes all aspects of being as an interrelated and constantly moving unit, capable of creating experiences, manifesting,   incorporating and choosing the elements that will be useful to develop awareness and connection with the personal purpose of life. 

Conscious contact gives presence, meaning and connection to the experience that the body has integrated and ordered according to the prism of individual perception.  It is in the body where our experiences, conflicts and emotional impacts, they leave their imprint, until they configure a muscular shell that distorts the field of vital energy, and also our perception of reality.

The practice of Therapeutic Contact proposes a conscious exploration of one's own resources and contacts the therapist and the patient with the signals of their body and the perception of the present energetic patterns, which allows consciously managing emotional problems and reordering the physical and mental structure.  


The body is the resonance instrument that allows us to read the signals and generate or transmit a new order, thus creating alternatives for the resolution of emotional conflicts, with wide repercussions on the thought system, a change of perspective is, therefore, a change of response from all levels of being


The course offers a methodological approach that integrates various  practices, from perspectives such as Bioenergetics, Eutony, Gestalt, Therapeutic Massage,  Biodecoding, Therapeutic Theater , the Records y  Family Clan Programs, as well as the principles of MedicineTraditional Chinese,  all of this integrated into the facilitator's own discoveries about the anatomy of the Body Files.  


We work under the principles of conscious contact, empathy, and  the presence,  essential premises to create relationships of trust and security in therapeutic accompaniment and in the relational field usually.


You can start the formation at any time and follow your own pace to complete the training. 


By obtaining each module, you receive a package with the videos, material, files to download and personalized help. 

Some classes are virtual and are programmed to share concerns and experiences around practices.

There will be 6 dates to take the workshops throughout the year, the workshops are an essential requirement to finish the module.

Maximum capacity 12 people

Contents per module

Level 1

Intensity: 32 hours



  • Conscious contact: We will develop awareness of the magnetic and energy space that surrounds the individual and how contact offers the possibility of crossing the limits of the body, recognizing its shape and receiving information from the surrounding environment.

  • Non-verbal communication: symbolism, expression and movement.

  • Skin and touch awareness

  • the relational field

  • Principles of Bioenergetics according to Reich and Lowen

  • Contraction and expansion movement. vital pulsation

  • Rooting, awareness of the center and expansion. 

  • Awareness of internal space, emptiness, receptivity, the feminine.

  • Principles and practices to connect with the information of the Energy Field: emptying principle, principle of full presence, and principle of disidentification -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_      

  • The care of the therapist or healer

  • Projection and reflection, the doubling of time

  • The massage technique and vibrational therapy as a therapeutic tool.

Level 2

Intensity30 hours


  • Soul and body: the mystical union

  • Thought, Emotion and Feeling

  • Breathing to open the resonance field

  • Principle of gravity and resistance   

  • The body as a map, guide and channel.

  • Fragmentation and disease / unification and integration

  • Beliefs, the personal program and the family program. 

  • Introduction to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

  • Contact as a regulation tool.

Level 3

Intensity: 30 hours



This level is of a practical nature, and is based on group and individual work focused on developing  the skills of each student in  the Bioenergetic Therapeutic Massage technique and Therapeutic Contact.

  • Deepening of the topics seen in the two previous levels.

  • Integration of experienced individual and group processes

  • Closing of the course with an immersion in Barichara of 2 days of practice.

Who is it for?

The first module is aimed at all those people, with or without experience in therapeutic or massage practices, as well as those who want to do personal work of awareness and integration of their experiences and emotions, connecting them to their life purpose._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_You can take the first module without taking the entire course.


The Complete Training in Bioenergetic Therapeutic Contact (CTB) is aimed at people who want to deepen the conscious practice of their own healing channel, and want to acquire tools for reading deep body files, as well as therapists, workers and professionals in the area. health professionals, psychologists and process facilitators. To professionals interested in issues of body memory and its relationship with social and individual trauma.


 This experience will take you to:

• Recognize and connect with your own energy channel. 

• Integrate the tools of the healer: knowledge, perception and intuition.

• Read the files of the body and introduce you to different techniques to release experiences recorded in it.

• Know the physical, psychological, energetic and spiritual characteristics of the symptom.

• Identify the muscular shells, their conformation and the massage techniques and psycho-corporal therapy to remove them.

• Introduce you to the 4 basic principles of the CTB: Principle of conscious contact or full presence,  principle of internal space or_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-1358bad_empty ,  principle of regulation, and principle of movement.

Soul and body:

the mystical union

Experiential workshop in Bogotá

February 23 and 24

Saturday and Sunday


Workshop investment:  $320,000

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Claudia Martinez

Cell:  313 4027298


Formation:  $ 1'840.000 


First module: $640,000

Segundo  module: $600,000


Third Module:  $600,000



Claudia Martinez


Holistic Therapist, with more than 20 years of experience in Body Therapy. He has specialized in reading body files and therapeutic contact.  He is a companion in mourning processes in individuals and communities. He currently works with groups and individual consultation, and gives training workshops in CTB, with an orientation towards the corporal-energetic management of the symptom and  the reorganization of the energetic anatomy.  He currently lives in Barichara where he attends individual consultations, gives workshops and is an accompanist in Immersion processes and therapeutic Retreats.

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Ana Maria Lopez

guest facilitator

Psychologist and Acupuncturist, teacher of the TCM training at the Neijing School in Bucaramanga, she teaches workshops related to body energy from the Chinese oriental vision, with 15 years of experience in clinical practice. He currently attends consultation in Barichara, Bogotá and Fusagasugá.

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