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therapeutic dives

The immersions are a period of time to delve into a particular purpose or aspect of the therapeutic process of a person, couple, family or group, with a specialized and personalized professional accompaniment, 

Immersion is ideal as a complement to a therapeutic process or as part of an intentional healing path. 


These take place in an ideal environment, located in Barichara (Santander), and carefully prepared to facilitate spaces for deep healing and transformation. 

ANDThe recommended minimum stay time is 1 week.


Who is a therapeutic immersion for?


  • those who need specialized support in processing trauma or treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • people who have experienced some type of emotional injury or loss that causes them suffering and/or difficulties.

  • those who wish or need to deepen the integration of body-mind-spirit in their personal processes 

  • therapists, mental health, support, collective redress and frontline professionals

  • those who require a space to assimilate the experiences of collective trauma derived from the pandemic and other processes of high social impact in Colombia and Latin America.

  • those who wish to transform negative patterns that affect their lives and relationships.

  • adults, couples or families experiencing a crisis

  • those who feel lost or stuck 

  • people interested in cultivating self-awareness and promoting their personal development for personal and collective benefit.


What does a

individual therapeutic immersion?

In a period of one week you can receive, according to your process and needs, some of the following services:

  • individual psychotherapy

  • therapeutic touch sessions

  • transpersonal psychotherapy

  • case management (identification and articulation of resources and support points of the consultant, including other professionals to work on the case)

  • recommended somatic practices according to the client's particular process.

  • accommodation



+57 321 209 3038

+57 313 402 7298

What does NOT include

individual therapeutic immersion?

Therapeutic dives do not include:

  • medical services, nursing or psychiatry

  • 24 hour service

  • transportation

  • additional services or therapies to those agreed in the individualized plan

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